Q: What is Playo?

A: Playo is a playground-based platform for inventors & researchers in solving daily problems through experimentation & collaboration methods to generate solutions in the form of innovative products.

Q: How does Playo work?

A: Playo defines sustainable solution into 3 elements, generated into 3 main programs: 1. Function element; 2. Material element, and; 3. Intellectual Property Element.

Q: Why does Playo do what Playo does?

A: Because Playo believes, everybody has a solution that needs to be developed to solve problems, whether it’s big or small.

Q: Why should I join Playo?

A: Because by joining Playo, your solution will help the world become a better – and easier place for everyone.

Q: Do I have to pay to join Playo?

A: No. Registration on Playo is free of charge.

Q: Who can join Playo?

A: Anyone who is interested in solving problems, whether government, industry, educational institutions, NGOs, communities, or individuals.

Q: What project can I submit at Playo?

A: All product-based innovation and research, both physical or virtual products.

Q: How about ownership of projects submitted at Playo?

A: Every project submitted belongs to the contributor, and if the project is successfully monetized, there will be shared royalties and profits with Playo.

Q: Can I withdraw my project that I have submitted on Playo?

A: Yes you can, after applying certain legal processes.

Q: How can I work with Playo?

A: For project submission, click here. For collaboration or other needs, please email us at ask@playo.id.

Q: Will projects submitted on Playo be automatically developed?

A: Only curated projects will be developed in Playo’s collaborative facilities.

Q: When is the best time to join Playo?

A: Now, indeed. 😉