Why Factor #5: Unconditional Design

The logic of simple, short-term, and temporary problem solving are found in the manifestation of “street design”, a phenomenon of citizen’s intervention in the aesthetic and futuristic product design’s status-quo, as archived by the Unconditional Design project in the social media posts.

Seaweed Bio-Packaging

Title: Seaweed Bio-Packaging Category: Fiber Description: Maximize the use of seaweed, bio-packaging is made to change the culture of paper or cardboard and plastic waste. Provider: Evo & Co. heads multiple brands with the same vision: a world without plastic pollution. Mat ID: FI-00001

Engraved Upholstery Foam

Title: Engraved Upholstery Foam (EUM) Category: Foam Description: EUM tries to highlight the uniqueness of foam by subtracting it. Foam usually has a smooth and plain texture, but when it is ripped, the texture can become rough/coarse while still retain its softness. The idea is to accentuate two contrasting textures of foam by engraving patterns…