Craft Week 2020

Crafting future through craft



Event Calendar

13-17 October 2020

With increasing global interest in climate change and consumptive economic models in a post-globalized world, we came to a time where there’s a need to discuss alternative approaches to crafts, addressing sustainability across the environment, economy, and culture through crafts, and explore new economic models, systems and ways of collaborating.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the importance of working through digital collaboration, increasing the need for impactful storytelling, to address the social, economic, and cultural issues that surround the crafts sector.

Hence, countries around the world celebrate their own crafts through a craft week, we want to take on this momentum to celebrate craftsmanship, makers, and materials in Indonesia, highlighting the importance of climate change and sustainable models, eco-friendly materials, by working with partners and crowdsourcing stories about the craft.

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