If we recall the primordial side of humans in the form of modern living space, what would it be like? This question is then realized through the RONGGA project, a collaborative exhibition involving more than 10 material/product designers from all over Indonesia in responding to living space seen through the complex layers of history, psychology, technology, to the business.


Building With Nature

Erasmus Huis in collaboration with Company New Heroes (ND) and Playo (ID) invite more than 50 biobased material designers and producers from Indonesia and the Dutch to create a sustainable exhibition in the form of 1:10 scaled houses inspired by the Company New Heroes' phenomenal project Exploded View, to showcase as many locally made biobased materials as possible and at the same time to portray the stories and designers behind these materials.

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Altermatter is a series of programs initiated by the British Council, Applied Arts Scotland, Playo, and CAST with the focus on a four to six-week material-centered design workshop for groups of material developers, product designers, and relevant experts from Indonesia and the UK. This program emphasized the experimentative and collaborative methods to narrow down the gap between these two professions of product designers and material designers.


Material Labrary

Material Labrary (Lab & Library) is an initial project by Playo to curate & document the emerging phenomenon of alternative materials in Indonesia through an online library for a more accessible platform, from biobased, upcycled, and other experimental materials, both from the sources and the technologies needed.

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